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What is the Best All Natural Dog Food?

What is the best all natural dog food?

The Honest Kitchen
Natural Balance

3 Great Options!

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What is the best all natural dog food? Click the links in the review box to jump directly to the answer(s)!

Dog food is, oftentimes, a toss up amongst many different people.

We worry about what our dogs are eating.

Some dog foods are just completely unacceptable, especially if you want your dog eating all natural foods.

Some dog foods are okay, but not really doing anything for your dog in any way.

This is usually along the lines of different types of grains, which have no real health benefits to your little furry friends.

So…What IS the Best All Natural Dog Food?

Dog food will be debated for eternity, but maybe we can make it a little less tense and talk about some good, all natural dog foods.

In no particular order, we will talk about the best all natural dog foods on the market today.

Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea Dry Dog Food

Canidae Pure has only 8 main ingredients and then has your regular vitamins and minerals.

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Canidae natural dog food logo

It is also grain free, so there aren’t any grains in there taking up space while not helping your dog.

Pure Sea is made with fresh salmon, first, which is known to be really helpful for dogs with allergies. Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids. These are what help keep their coat shiny and overall healthy.

Not only will it make your furry friends look great, it will make them feel great too!

Salmon’s omega 3 gives support to his immune system. When your dog has a poultry allergy, which is not very uncommon, salmon is the way to go!

Canidae Pure Sea incorporates live probiotics. Probiotics help to keep the good bacteria in your dog’s digestive track. It also takes action against some bacteria and stimulates their immune system.

If you need a grain free diet to help your four-legged friend’s immune system, Pure Sea has got your back!

The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey Recipe

If you’re looking for a food that is so natural that YOU can take a bite of it, then look no more!

The Honest Kitchen makes human grade dog food.

Go ahead, have a bite…we’ll wait…

I REALLY want to hear about anyone who’s had a taste, so please, Please, OH PLEASE leave a comment telling us how it tastes!


Or maybe we should film a video of the crew chowing down on some Honest Kitchen? Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see that.

This pet food is filled with fruits and vegetables, and the first ingredient on the list is turkey. Now your furry pal won’t need to beg from you at the table because he’s got his own human-ish meal in his bowl.

The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey recipe is high in protein and low in carbs. Also, not only is it grain free, but also it is cage free and gluten free too!

It comes in a small box, but it is dehydrated. This means that you need to add warm water to it before giving it to you four-legged friend. It also means that if it is a 4-pound box, then it makes 16 pounds of food.

Natural Balance Original Ultra

Natural Balance is probably the most well-known dog food of the bunch.

It isn’t grain-free, but it definitely has its nutrients.

Natural Balance pet food logo

Also, it is a natural dog food. It offers fiber for your dog’s digestion system, and it comes from the grains and fruits in the dog food.

It’s also got protein for your dog’s muscles to aid those of you with more active dogs running amuck.

Like some of the other natural dog foods, Natural Balance contains omega 3 for your furry friend’s coat to stay shiny and healthy.

Last, but definitely not least; it has added taurine that will keep your dog’s eyes functioning as usual and keep his heart healthy.


A lot of dog owners don’t even know what they’re feeding to their furry family members. It is extremely easy to buy food solely on what you have heard is a good, and healthy, diet. It doesn’t stop at just food, either. Sometimes it’s flea repellent or medication.

When you treat your dog as family, you make sure you aren’t harming them in the long run because of what you are feeding them.

Many people go out of their way to make sure their dog is eating all naturally, and, in some cases, only want to feed their dog something that they would eat.

These are three wonderful dog foods that you can safely give your furry, four-legged friends without worrying about if they are getting all the nutrients they need in their everyday diet.

Now it’s your turn!

Which of your favorite and best all natural dog food options did we miss?

Were you once a dog owner who thought you were feeding your dog a healthy diet that turned out to be full of grains and some other kind of byproduct?

Do you have an animal with allergies or special dietary needs, so you’re seeking out the best all natural dog food?

We want to hear from you in the comments.  Speak loudly and proudly, and together we will help others find the best dog food for their best friends!

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