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The Best Dog Food for Shiny Coat

Before I reveal our top 4 picks for best dog food for shiny coat, did you know that your dog’s dull, lackluster coat isn’t just ugly…it can be a sign of underlying health issues for your your best friend?

Impatient (like me)?

Instantly ✔ current prices & more info about the best dog food for shiny coat:

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  1. Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  2. AvoDerm Natural Dog Food
  3. Blue Life Protection Formula
  4. Hill’s Science Diet

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A nice shiny coat is one of the best indicators of your dog’s good health. It means he’s getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs to nourish not only his body, but his fur as well.

In fact, if your dog’s fur is constantly dull looking, you might want to visit your vet.

There are a lot of things that can be an underlying cause of a dull coat, especially if itching is involved.

It could be

However, dull fur is almost always tied to nutrition, and more specifically, a lack of specific vitamins and minerals.

If you ask your vet about your dog’s coat, the first thing he’s going to ask you is:

“What do you feed him?”

The Best Dog Food for Shiny Coat

We have done the research and come up with some of the best foods available today that offer the benefit of a shiny, healthy looking coat.

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Read through with us now, and see which one you might like to try for your own dog.

Each one will have its own specific recipe, ingredients and added benefits, so one will surely be better for you than all the others will.

1. Merrick Grain Free

Merrick’s grain free recipe has so much going for it, we just couldn’t wait to add it to our list!

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In fact, this formula offers a protein rich, red meat diet that is rich in fiber and an array of natural ingredients.

It contains glucosamine, chondroitin, antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals that are sure to improve your dog’s health.

The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids will make your fur baby’s coat shine beautifully and you’ll quickly notice a difference in the health of his skin.

There’s nothing quite like a health you can see, and with Merrick’s balanced nutrition, you’ll definitely see it.

It’s made right here in the US, one batch at a time, and includes no corn, wheat, soy, gluten or any ingredients from China.

A lady was recently telling us about her dog, that was already on a premium grain free dog food, whose coat felt really dry.

She changed to Merrick grain free and by the second bag, noticed a massive difference in the look and feel of her dog’s coat, as well as a dramatic increase in energy.

She doesn’t plan on trying any other dog foods.

2. AvoDerm Natural Dog Food

AvoDerm Natural came into being after discussing the idea of creating a healthy dog food using a very popular super food – the avocado.

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The result was thousands of dog parents who saw an amazing difference in their dog, almost immediately. Natural chondroitin and glucosamine helps to keep your dog’s joints healthy, even into their senior years.

DHA, sourced naturally from fish, supports brain and eye function. Their immune system will benefit from the diverse vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

And finally, for the most beautiful coat and healthiest skin, AvoDerm includes real California avocados. The oil of this avocado alone has about 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will create a beautiful, healthy looking coat.

A lady who has a dog that has skin allergies told us about her experience with AvoDerm.

The poor fur baby was breaking out, experiencing itchy skin and was even chewing her paws.

However, after switching to AvoDerm, all those symptoms went away, even without the aid of an additional probiotic, which she highly suspected she would need.

3. Blue Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo has been a very trusted name in the dog food world for a very long time.

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Many dog parents swear by it and wouldn’t use anything else even if they had the opportunity.

One of the things that separates Blue apart from other dog foods is their patented LifeSource Bits, which are included in most of their foods.

These bits contain a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that offer a healthy balance, rich in antioxidants.

Omega fatty acids are the key behind healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat, and Blue Life Protection contains the optimum balance of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

But they don’t stop there!

There’s also glucosamine, for the best mobility and joint function, calcium and phosphorus to help keep bones and teeth strong, high quality protein for good muscle strength and the perfect amount of carbs for all the energy your dog needs.

I heard from a lady just the other day whose dog had always had issues with dandruff in addition to a dry, dull coat.

She started feeding him this particular Blue formula and both the dull coat and the dandruff are now non-existent! She couldn’t be more pleased.

Another gentleman had a dog that was on a Purina diet but experienced boils on her skin. There was an immediate reaction for the better once he started feeding her Blue, and has had no more skin irritations since.

4. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is a dog food that many vets recommend and that dog owners often trust over other brands.

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In fact, it was rated the #1 choice by vets to feed their own pets.

This formula has glucosamine, which is great for joint health, and it is from naturally sourced ingredients. It also contains a specific blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for outstanding nutrition.

There are absolutely no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no preservatives.

This particular formula offers the omega fatty acids needed to give your dog healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat in 30 days time.

One Saint Bernard owner told me that she considered the results of using Hill’s Science Diet an absolute miracle.

She said they not only got shinier, healthier looking coats, but their teeth smelled clean and fresh and they were fit and lean on this diet.

She also fed this formula to a rescued Saint Bernard that had large patches of hair missing and she just came to life on the Hill’s diet.

Peace (& Hair Grease), We’re Outta Here!

Nobody wants to watch their precious pup go through skin and coat issues.

As we said earlier, it’s a major indicator for the dog’s overall health, and if you’re anything like me, it just breaks your heart to think your dog isn’t in tip-top shape!

We’re so glad to be able to offer you these excellent dog food options, because we know how important skin and coat health is to both you and your dog.

I hope that in reading this article, you’ve found something you’ll be able to implement into your dog’s diet. Even more than that, we hope it helps!

Do you have a great dog food that has made the difference in your dog’s coat?

If so, please share it with us! We’d love to know, and it may wind up being the perfect thing for someone who reads it afterwards.

The Best Dog Food for Shiny Coat

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
AvoDerm Natural Dog Food
Blue Life Protection Formula
Hill's Science Diet

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