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The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

Your guide to the best dog food for Pitbulls:

From Pitbull puppies to Pitbulls with skin allergies, this is the only Pitbull dog food advice you’ll ever need to read!

In-depth Pitbull dog food analysis, including best dog food for Pitbull puppies, seniors, Pitbulls with sensitive skin and allergies, best dog food for Pitbulls to gain healthy muscle weight (and every life stage or health need in between).

Pitbull owners are as ferociously devoted to the breed as the dogs themselves are touted to be. Vehemently protective of one another, Pitbulls are often family for life.

They are quick to give you in-depth information about the background of the breed and exactly what makes them a part of their family. Having seen this type of devotion in my own family, I can tell you it is really something to see!

While Pitbull owners can give you lots of helpful information about the breed, we are here today to go into what types of food are perfect for your own Pitbull.

Whether you have a brand new puppy or you have adopted a mature or aging dog, we want to make sure you know exactly what kind of food is best for the stage of life in which they are right now.

Why Different Foods for Different Life Stages?

There have been many debates as to whether or not there is actually any credibility for the need for different foods for your dog, depending on their life stage and health needs.

Some people hold to the belief that one food, if nutritionally complete, can provide sustenance for any dog, regardless of factors.

News flash:  Times have changed!

A single food source might have been sufficient back when the first dog food bits rolled off assembly lines a hundred years ago.

Today, however, we have tons of scientific research that shows the how different dogs can have different needs when it comes to nutrition.

Additionally, dog foods that carry the “all life stages” label can be incredibly deceptive, as you will see in this video.

Puppies, for instance, have different nutritional needs than dogs that are already grown or entering the mature season of their life.

Since puppies are growing and developing, their needs are quite different.

Mature dogs will need nutrition that supports aging bones, joints and eyesight, while some other dogs might best benefit from foods that are free from allergens.

Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies

1. Taste of the Wild Grain Free Puppy Food

One of the very best dog foods for Pitbull puppies is Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Puppy Food.

Since there are no grains, this food is highly digestible with ingredients that provide all the nutrition your Pitbull puppy needs.

It could be that the “Taste of the Wild” is exactly what Pitbull puppies want, because this is one food they simply cannot get enough of!

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Whether it is the fact that there is less grain and more of the good stuff, or whether they simply enjoy the ingredient combinations that Taste of the Wild puts together in this recipe, you will definitely see your Pitbull choose this food over many others.

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Even the high-end brands that you may already have spent too much money on are usually no match for Taste of the Wild.

They love the flavor, the kibble size is perfect, and their coats get shinier and smoother after they have been eating it for a while.

2. Holistic Select Natural Large Breed Puppy Food

Holistic Select Natural large breed puppy food is another food that Pitbull puppies simply love.

The larger kibble size makes it a food that really feels filling to your Pit pup, and the flavor keeps them coming back for more!

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This is a particular food of choice for Pitbulls that have many allergy problems, including hair loss, as it seems to take care of the problem quickly.

The owner of a dog who recently came down with bumpy, inflamed skin saw a big difference after she started feeding Holistic Select to her two-year-old Pitbull. She mixed the kibble with some pureed carrots, sweet potatoes and garbanzos and her Pitbull absolutely loved the “treat”, which quickly led to better, healthier skin and a nice shiny coat.

3. Wellness Core Natural Puppy Formula

Wellness CORE Natural puppy formula is full of proteins and antioxidants and has a great calorie count for growing Pitbull puppies that need to gain enough healthy weight.

Many Pitbull owners have found that, even though their Pits love this food far more than an array of others they have tried, it still winds up lasting longer, as it is more nutritionally dense.

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Even fussy Pit puppies have been drawn to this and seen an increase in activity levels, breath freshness and coat shine.

The kibble size is just perfect for a Pitbull puppy and unlike some other major brands, there are different flavor options within the puppy line.

Changing the flavors up each time you buy a bag can make your puppy feel like he’s getting something new every time!

Best Dry Dog Food for Pitbulls (Healthy Adults)

1. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula

We will start out with Taste of the Wild dry dog food, High Prairie Formula, as this is one that Pitbulls seems to adore.

Some Pit owners seems to find that their dogs are likely to eat just about any food and have trouble determining whether they actually like it or are just eating.

However, the pickier eaters will choose High Prairie formula over and over again.

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In addition to the flavor, Taste of the Wild seems to be a remarkable for curing up itchy, flaky skin as well as well as create a more normal stool pattern.

Other perks that Pitbull owners have noticed about their dogs is that coats are shinier, shedding is less frequent and there is often an increase of muscle gain more than fat gain.

For Pitbulls, this is incredibly important and something that is often struggled with when attempting to determine the right food.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue Buffalo makes a great adult dog food formula known as Life Protection and has a specific formula made just for larger breed dogs like Pitbulls.

It contains glucosamine chondroitin, which is often needed for proper joint maintenance.

Many Pitbull owners often hear that many of the “mainstream” brands of dog food are bad for Pits because of the large amounts of corn byproducts.

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Since Pitbulls often suffer from allergies, this can cause a major problem. However, this dry food usually does just the opposite, clearing up skin and digestive issues instead of causing them.

You can order Life Protection in bags as large as thirty pounds, but once you try it, you are really going to wish you had ordered larger bags.

Like many Pitbull owners, their dogs love this food so much, and benefit so greatly from it, that they know they are going to have to purchase more.

And why not?

We have all heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and Pitbull owners often agree that this Blue Buffalo dog food is perfect for their dogs.

You’re sure to love what’s in it as much as you love what’s not in it!

3. Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free Dry Dog Food

If you’re looking for a dry food with the least chance of causing allergies, but still packed with all the nutrition and protein your Pit needs, then you are going to want to try Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free dry dog food.

Pitbulls seems to love the variety of flavors that are available in this food and there are absolutely no fillers or byproducts that so often cause the skin and digestive allergies that our dogs so often suffer from.

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In addition to having a great flavor and being packed with nutrition ingredients, Nature’s Variety also has a great deal of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that benefit Pitbulls.

Omega fatty acids, probiotics and other antioxidants are added health benefits that are hard to find in a complete dog food.

Just think of it this way:

You wouldn’t want to live off of fast food yourself, filled with lots of junk and empty calories, and you don’t want to give the equivalent to your Pitbull.

While this food might be on the pricier end of the spectrum, isn’t his health worth it?

Best Dog Food For Senior Pitbulls

1. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior Dry Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior dry dog food is great, especially if you don’t want to spend tons of money.

While, by far, it isn’t a “cheap” dog food, it still costs less than many of the higher end kibble blends for seniors, and Pitbulls love this food.

With farm-raised chicken as the #1 ingredient, your dog will love the flavor, but also benefit from the added ingredients suited especially for your Pit’s aging immune system.

You will also be happy to know that there are no GMO ingredients.

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Nutro will also help your Pitbull’s cognitive abilities to stay sharp longer than they would if you were feeding a lesser dog food on a regular basis.

Many times, senior dogs that begin to lack cognitive functioning, i.e. the ability to recognize people and determine whether something is a threat, begin to exhibit behaviors that look a lot like aggression.

So (especially with the Pitbull breed) you want to try to salvage that cognitive ability as long as possible.

This food is especially beneficial for Pitbulls that are advanced in age and have health issues. Their owners will readily tell you that the quality of the food you feed your dog makes a world of difference as they get further up in years.

Even supplements, when paired with a cheap, low-quality food will not do nearly as much for a senior Pitbull as a quality food will do. Nutro is still not has pricey as some, yet it has many similar, wholesome ingredients.

2. Canidae Grain Free Pure Senior Formula

For a limited ingredient diet that can often be beneficial to aging Pitbulls, Canidae Grain Free Pure dry dog food, senior formula can be just what the vet ordered.

Fresh, tasty chicken is the first ingredient, which is paired with other whole foods that are easy for your maturing dog to digest.

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The simple recipe combines nine key ingredients that are easy on sensitive stomachs but still packs a healthy punch.

Bison and salmon are other flavors that Pitbulls really like, however the salmon has been known to give some Pits extremely bad gas. If you have a dog that is prone to that type of gastric disturbance, it’s best to experiment with just a small package at first.

While the flavor is probably going to make them love it, you also want to be able to love the results you get.

3. Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine Formula

Even though it’s not exactly packaged especially for senior dogs, Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine Formula is not only very well loved by older Pitbulls, but it has all the right ingredients that make it a wise choice.

There are no grains or byproducts that can inflame the skin or cause severe itching and the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will keep your aging Pitbull energetic, healthy and looking his best.

Some Pitbulls are not very tolerant of chicken as a main ingredient, and this can be a big problem since most foods are based on that.

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This formula features lamb as the main ingredient and the flavor doesn’t let your dog down.

Bison and venison are alternative flavors that you might also have some success with.

Once you find out how much your dog will love it, or if you have more than one dog, you might want to make use of the thirty-pound bag, instead of buying smaller packages.

In addition to knowing you’re buying a food that is known to be gentle on Pitbulls in regards to their frequent allergies and digestive issues, great for the aging process and favored for flavor, an added extra you might see is that your older dogs begin to act like puppies again.

Once they learn where their new favorite food is, they will quickly let you know it’s their favorite and they can’t wait to dive in!

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Sensitive Stomachs

1. Natural Balance Canned Dog Food (Wet)

Natural Balance Canned Dog Food is grain free with limited ingredients, so it will be very easy on your dog’s sensitive stomach.

Made with ingredients such as chicken and sweet potato, duck and potato and fish and sweet potato, they are completely lacking in artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

While this food is not labeled as being specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs, the fact that ingredients are all natural gives you a good idea.

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A foster Pitbull mom swears by Natural Balance because it not only helps give complete nutrition without the chance of upset tummies, but it also quickly helps Pitbulls to put on the muscle mass and weight they so desperately need to look and feel their best.

And this food doesn’t provide a lot of empty calories that will just turn to fat. These calories are quality calories that add a little punch exactly where it’s needed.

2. Whole Earth Farms Grain  Free Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free dry dog food is another that does not specifically state that it works well for dogs with sensitive stomachs, but simply reading the label will tell you everything you need to know.

Whole Earth Farms provides the very best in nutrition with ingredients your Pitbull will love, including chicken, turkey, peas and sweet potatoes, and an added flavor boost with herbs and spices that are gentle on the system.

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Every dog deserves a holistic approach to their food, especially when dealing with specific health issue. After switching to Whole Recipe, you are likely to see conditions improve that you weren’t even aware of!

Many sensitive stomach issues can often be hidden, with signs so subtle you might not even realize there’s a problem until you see how much happier and healthier they are when they can eat the right kind of food.

3. Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze Dried

A unique dog food is Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze Dried dog food mix.

One eight-pound bag of Sojos reconstitutes to make forty pounds of raw dog food that looks as though you have cooked it yourself.

You can literally pick out the meaty bits as well as the celery, carrots and potatoes that your Pit is sure to love.

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You will love it just as much, because when you turn the bag over to read the ingredient list, you will recognize each and every one as something you’ve probably eaten yourself.

The list of things you won’t find in Sojos Complete is just as extensive as the ingredient list.

There are no grains, no byproducts or fillers, no preservatives, artificial flavors and no added salt, to name just a few.

Quite possibly the best food for any dog with allergies and sensitive stomach issues, you and your Pit are going to love it.

Other Pitbull owners have testified that while other dry grain free kibble worked well for the stomach problems, their dogs became less than excited with the same old thing.

However, once they switched to Sojos, they vowed never to go back to bland and boring ever again.

If you have a dog that suffers greatly from sensitive stomach issues, it will be worth the price tag and will possibly pay for itself in saved trips to the vet.

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls To Gain Muscle Mass and Weight

We have actually already listed a couple of foods that will work well to add muscle mass and weight, which are essentially one and the same.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, the weight will come quickly once you have a food that provides for muscle mass instead of empty calories that will add fat.

One of these is Natural Balance, listed above for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

This wet food goes a long in providing the necessary nutrition that goes directly towards muscle rather than fat.

Another is Blue Buffalo Life Protection dry dog food, listed in the senior dog section.

Again, the quality of ingredients makes the difference in nutritive quality and shouldn’t be underestimated when you are looking to increase muscle mass in a Pitbull.

High protein content is an important factor when increasing muscle mass, for dogs and people alike.

You might take note of how weight lifters and athletes will often beef up on protein before a big event, as a way of feeding their muscle mass.

Therefore, any food that has a good deal of crude protein, or that is made especially for sport dogs, will be great for adding muscle mass and weight.

Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 dry dog food is great for helping Pitbulls put on muscle weight.

Not only does it start with chicken as a first ingredient, but it also has a ratio of 30% protein and 20% fat to get your dog’s metabolism going and providing maintenance for muscle he already has.

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Your dog’s rate of metabolism is very important when thinking of increased muscle because you want your dog to be able to attain that naturally.

When he has more energy to run and play, the muscle will come naturally, instead of added weight with no tone that you’re likely to get by feeding empty calories.

You will find that your Pit will enjoy eating this food, his stool will take on a healthier look and the overall condition of the body and muscles will be exactly where they are suppose to be.

As one of the best performance dog foods on the market, we’re sure you’ll like it too.

In Conclusion

We hope that we were able to help you to decide which foods might be best for your own Pitbull, however we know that our list is certainly not extensive.

What have you found that works well for your Pit?

We’d love to hear from you with added ideas and dog food suggestions that could possibly help someone else as well.

Best Dog for Pitbulls

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Puppy
Holistic Select Natural Large Breed Puppy
Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Puppy Formula
Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food
Nature's Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Natural
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior Dry Dog Food
Canidae Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food
Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food
Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food
Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food Mix
Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula

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