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The Best Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds

Best Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds

Blue Buffalo
Purina Pro

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The image of being pushed around in a baby stroller – small dog breeds often have a reputation that precedes them.

To put it mildly, they aren’t for everyone.

But, they are for some people.

Despite what the Great Danes and Rottweilers of the world will tell you, good things can come in small packages.

From toys to poodles, compact canines do have their benefits.

Lifespan: Big versus Little

It is often said that smaller people live longer than people who are large and this is true when it comes to dogs as well.

The rule of thumb is:

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The smaller the dog, the longer the lifespan.

Dog size can be indicative of longevity: the smaller the dog, the longer the lifespan. Click To Tweet

Of course, other factors come into play – mainly whether or not your pet is purebred – but size can be indicative of longevity.

For some breeds, the discrepancy between big dogs and small dogs isn’t all that much – it’s only a few years. But for very large dogs and very small dogs, the abyss widens.

A Maltese, for example, has a lifespan of around 16 or 17 years, whereas a Mastiff may only live to be eight or nine.

The larger the size, the better the odds of something going wrong.

Convenience During Car Rides (and other activities)

It’s not ridiculous to assert that smaller dogs are easier to take care of.

In regards to convenience, yes, size does matter.

Due to their tiny stature, small dogs are easier to transport, live with, and take on vacation.

They use less room in the car (and are typically fine with sitting in your lap for long stretches at a time) and are easier to have in apartments and hotels.

In fact, some of these dwellings, as well as some rental homes, will only let you bring your dog if they are under a certain weight limit.

Finally, small dogs are easier to take almost anywhere – on vacation, to Home Depot, to the humane society to be nurtured.

They are easily carried, and much more controllable than a 130 pound Labrador with a penchant for running away.


Most people who’ve owned lots of dogs probably don’t view small ones as the poster children for temperament: they have ‘tude, and lots of it.

They often bite, snarl, and yip at strangers and those who feed, love, and adore them. And they’re not often wonderful with kids.

But, because of their limited size, the damage they can do is typically limited as well. A Miniature Schnauzer with a chip on its shoulder will be less dangerous than a Golden Retriever with the same disposition.

Then there is the issue of the guard dog. When most of us think of a canine patrolling our living room for wayward burglars and rabid deliverymen, we probably think of a Doberman or something equally as scary.

Yet, many experts agree that it’s not really the size of the dog that acts as the deterrent to those up to no good – it’s the volume of their bark.

Anyone who’s ever owned a small dog can attest to one thing – they don’t shy away from expressing themselves.

They do it all the time.


The Best Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds

If you have a small breed, you’ll want to reap the benefits that accompany them.

This starts with offering the foods designed with them in mind.

Though many are acceptable, some are better at maintaining health of your petite pup.

Try the following:

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit – it almost sounds appetizing.

It contains increased protein and carbs to help your small dog’s energy needs (we know what you’re thinking: “Oh, goody.”).

2. Wellness Natural Pet Food Small Breed Formula

This food comes in tiny sized Kibble to help your small dog with chewing.

Grain free with all kinds of meat flavors – chicken, turkey, salmon.

It also contains spinach, tomatoes, flaxseed, and salmon, since oatmeal and fish are always a winning combination.

It also has high calorie levels, something to beware of if your dog is a little overweight (or simply short for their body type).

3. Purina Pro Shredded Blend Adult Small Breed Chicken and Rice Formula

It’s high in protein (chicken is the first ingredient) and also formulated for intense energy needs.

Do you have an opinion about little dog versus big?

These dog foods versus the ones you feed your (small) bundle of joy?

Let us hear it in the comments below!

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