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Best Dry Puppy Food for Small Breeds

Best Dry Puppy Food for Small Breeds

Purina Pro Plan
Wellness TruFood

5 Great Options!

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Hunting for the best dry puppy food for small breeds?

Finding the perfect pet food for your tiny fur babies can be nerve-wracking to say the least.

So many things to consider!

There’s full nutrition, while not getting a dog food that will upset a tiny tummy.

There’s also the worry about harsh chemicals.

And suspect ingredients.

Unfortunately, I know all too well about dog food that is ill-suited for a small dog’s needs…

Several years ago, I lost a two-pound Chihuahua to a dog food that didn’t provide the proper nutrients.

(Rat poison in a can, if you ask me.)

But I digress – that’s enough negativity for one post! 🙂

If you’ve found us here at, you’re clearly interested in your small and hairy bundle of joy’s well-being.

And to help you learn from my mistakes, I’ve lined out the main things to look for when choosing a dog food for your four legged kids:


When choosing a dog food, you have to understand that this is all your dog eats. (Other than when you give into the puppy dog eyes, and share your human food.) So if there is even one vital part of their diet that’s lacking, it can cause harm to your pet in the long run.

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Many people think that a dog is a dog, and it makes no difference what food you give them so long as they eat.

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For example, a small breed dog around ten pounds needs about four hundred calories a day, whilst their larger bred friends nearing a hundred pounds need a whopping two thousand, two hundred, and fifty calories!

So feeding the wrong kind of food can cause obesity and other major health issues.

Dogs need a wide range of nutrition including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.


When looking into a dog food I always turn the package over and look into the ingredients.

In some dog foods, there can be hidden dangers.

One such danger is Propylene Glycol.

It’s the main ingredient in antifreeze and can be toxic, especially to small breed dogs.

Larger breeds can digest it better, but honestly, I wouldn’t risk it.

toxic ingredients in dog food.png-400x400

Then there’s the risk of euthanized animals as an ingredient. In better terms, if your dog food is nonspecific about the meat additive, it is probably best to steer clear.

These dog food companies will often label it under “Meat meal” or something similar, rather than being specific.

Look for words like, “chicken” or “beef.” This shows that the company is using good meat.

Kibble Size

Kibble size is likely the number one difference between a large breed food and a small breed food.

If the pieces are too large, it can be difficult for you pet to chew, and be hard on their teeth. If your pet has to struggle with his food, he may not even bother more often then not, and can cause weight loss.

kibble size-1200x400

On the other hand, if your food is too small, it can cause a choking hazard, or your pet could eat too fast and make himself sick, or cause him to gain too much weight.

Picky Eaters

If you’ve been a dog owner for a while, you probably know your pups likes and dislikes.

I have one dog that loves sweet things and hates veggies.

And I have another dog that hates sweets and loves veggies.

So what is the Best Dry Puppy Food for Small Breeds?

Finding a dog food that is full of good stuff, that your dog(s) L-O-V-E, is likely the biggest challenge of finding a dog food.

I am going to help you out by presenting 5 dog foods, available on, rated from one to five, based on the overall nutrition and ingredients.

Purina Pro-Plan Formula

This product has multiple mixes for small dogs and has an ingredient list that can be understood. It has Beef as the first ingredient and a variety of foods so you can choose based on your dog’s needs.

By my process I would rank it a four out of five, the missing star being that there was one suspect ingredient, and there are some ingredients that can be difficult to digest.

Purina dog food logo

Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This food has fantastic nutritional value, and I couldn’t find a single ingredient that wasn’t natural.

The only things really to consider, is that it has extremely small pieces, and would likely be rather rich.

Wellness dog food

So if your dog isn’t super small, or has a habit of eating too fast, I might consider choosing a different dog food.

But for dogs with good digestion and self-control, this would be great, or even mixed in with a different food to help supplement.

I would give this choice a four and a half out of five.


I personally use this food because all of my pets agree on it, and there are no harsh ingredients.

I don’t LOVE it, but when you have three different dogs with three different taste personalities there’s only so much you can do…

There are a lot of grains, which is good for some dogs, but many small dogs develop wheat allergies.

Pedigree dog food logo

It is well priced, easy to digest, and has great nutrition.

But if your dog has grain or other health issues, I would probably lean towards a different brand.

Three and a half stars out of five.


This food had fair nutrition but in a few areas, I found it lacking.

Iams dog food logo

There seemed to be more additives than actual wholesome ingredients, but neither was there any of the big killers.

It has a good neutral kibble size, and from what I have read in the reviews, most pets love the flavor.

I would give it a four out of five.


This pet food I just might consider for myself.

There is a long list of natural ingredients, and good nutrition facts, and a fantastic reputation.

I was especially impressed with the response.


One woman spoke about her two small dogs, of two different breeds, and two extremely different needs. One had a touchy stomach that couldn’t take any rich foods, and the other had trouble going to the bathroom.

The natural ingredients helped them both in keeping the first dog from getting sick, and the squash helped the other dog go to the bathroom. On top of all this, It’s reasonably priced.

I would give this product the ever-elusive five out of five.


When choosing anything for your pet, it can be a difficult experience. You want to spoil them, but sometimes our wallets don’t allow us to give our pets the Beverly hills treatment they deserve.

But step #1 to good pet care is a great dog food.

No one knows your best friend better than you, so do your homework, see how each aligns with your dog, test some different options, and find that perfect dry dog food for your perfect pooch today!

Leave a comment right now and let us know your favorites so we can add the list.

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