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Can Dogs Eat Fish?

Can dogs eat lobster? Yes, but it's not recommended.
Most cooked seafood is OK, but watch out for bones.
Seafood is generally safe for your dog to eat.

There are lots of goodies within seafood, such as omega fatty acids.

But seafood should really be cooked before you think about giving it to your dog. There are lots of parasites that live within uncooked sea creatures, so your best defense is a good offense.

Keep in mind that your dog might be allergic to some seafood, so in order to make sure, give them a small amount to start. Instead of giving him a salmon fillet (what are you, made of money?), give him a bite-sized piece of fish.

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Bear in mind that most fish have pesky bones that even the best fillets might contain.

As you might imagine, fish bones are not great for your dog to eat. They’re tiny, almost invisible, and sharp – the perfect storm of potential problems.

Some canned fish like tuna are also packed with sodium in order to preserve them, so it would be inadvisable to share canned fish with your pup.

Seafood is generally safe for your dog, but you really should cook it (& watch out for bones). Click To Tweet

Overall, it just takes some good common sense when it comes to feeding your dog seafood.

A little bit of fresh cod?


A little bit of breaded and fried cod with a little tartar sauce?

Yeah, probably not.

Your dog doesn’t want or need the extras!

Here is a look at some acceptable seafood to feed your dog.

Seafood Safe for Dogs

  • Can dogs eat shrimp? Yes.

    Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

    Yes. Dogs can eat shrimp, but peel the shells first as they’re hard for your dog to digest.

    Shrimp contains antioxidants and other healthy vitamins and minerals. If your dog tolerates them well, they’re (occasionally) a great treat.

    There is a small chance your dog might be allergic to shrimp. Be sure to properly cook and prepare the shrimp to kill off any harmful bacteria.

  • Can dogs eat fish? Yes, when prepared correctly.

    Can Dogs Eat Fish? Can Dogs Eat Cooked Fish?

    Yes. Dogs can eat fish, but it must be properly prepared.

    Fish is a great source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. It can help lower blood pressure and reduce your dog’s risk of getting diabetes and cancer.

    Fish can also help boost your pet’s metabolism and keep their coat healthy and shiny.

    Make sure it’s cooked and be careful with bones, as they could become lodged in your dog’s intestines.

  • Can dogs eat fish skin? Yes, if cooked.

    Can Dogs Eat Fish Skin?

    Yes. Dogs can eat fish skin, but it must be cooked to remove any parasites.

    Also, make sure the skin isn’t seasoned as the seasonings could be toxic to dogs.

  • Can dogs eat tuna fish? Yes, in moderation.

    Can Dogs Eat Tuna Fish?

    Yes. Dogs can eat tuna fish in moderation.

    Tuna fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your dog’s heart and cholesterol. Tuna can also help regulate your dog’s metabolism.

    Tuna contains lots of fat which is not good for your dog in high amounts.

    Canned varieties of tuna might contain high amounts of sodium, so it’s best to feed your dog fresh tuna fish.

  • Can dogs eat salmon? Yes. Make sure to cook salmon before feeding to your dog.

    Can Dogs Eat Salmon?

    Yes. Dogs can eat salmon, but it must be cooked thoroughly.

    Salmon contains lots of Omega-3s which support your dog’s immune system and skin.

    Never feed your dog undercooked salmon, as they could be poisoned by parasites in the uncooked meat.

    Also, be careful with bones as they can become lodged in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

  • Can dogs eat mussels? Yes, in moderation.

    Can Dogs Eat Mussels?

    Yes. Dogs can eat mussels, but in moderation.

    Mussels can be anti-inflammatory and a great source of Omega-3s and other minerals.

    They’re used to help prevent and relieve the pain of arthritis in dogs.

    Your dog might also have a shellfish allergy, so give him a small amount to start.

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