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High Quality Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs (Top 7)

Does your best friend have a sensitive stomach?  If you’re desperate to make her feel better, start with the top 7 high quality dog food for sensitive stomachs:

These days there is a great deal of concern in the world of pet owners concerning their pet’s food.

We have had dog food recalls for various reasons and, as a pet owner myself, I know the concern that causes, especially if a food doesn’t seem to agree with my dog.

Sometimes it may be a simple case of food sensitivity, or sensitive stomach.

There may be some amount of misconception around what may or may not constitute “sensitive stomach” in dogs.

It is also known as “dog food intolerance” and happens when a certain food simply does not agree with your dog. Unlike allergies, sensitive stomachs will not cause dermatological or immune system issues.

Does My Dog Have a Sensitive Stomach?

If you’re wondering whether or not your dog has a sensitive stomach – good news!

There are a few ways you can tell and we are going to take a look at them.

First of all, as previously mentioned, it differs from an allergy in that there are no issues affecting the skin or immune system. An allergy may be the underlying cause of things like hair loss, excessive itchiness, lethargy, or other conditions caused by an allergen, either environmental or food-borne.

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Sensitive stomach, on the other hand, usually presents with loose stool or diarrhea and vomiting. This happens occasionally, especially if you are apt to give your dog scraps of food from the table or feed your dog something that contains a lot of ingredients known to cause digestive issues.

If you find, though, that your dog is having these issues on a regular basis and regardless of diet, it may be pointing to an underlying illness.

In such a case, please seek out your vet’s advice on the matter, and follow his or her directions.

What Can I Do?

If you find that your dog is showing signs of a sensitive stomach, there are a few things you can do that should clear the problem up rather quickly.

Beef, egg and chicken are all ingredients that have a long history of causing allergies in some dogs, and can also cause intolerance in sensitive dogs.

Stay away from those to start with.

Kibble with lamb, duck and other high quality ingredients tend to be the best in this situation.

Once you have made the change to a food especially for highly sensitive stomachs, continue that diet for 6-12 weeks, documenting any reactions for later review with your vet. As always, remember to ease into a new diet by mixing a small portion of the new food with the old food, increasing the amount of the new over a weeklong period.

High Quality Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

There are some foods especially for dogs with sensitivity, and we’re going to take a look at some of them here today.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to do a bit of research yourself and find one that specifically suits the needs that you and your dog have.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Formula for Adult Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Hill’s has a special recipe that is not only good for those finicky stomachs but for the coat and skin as well.

Ingredients are based primarily upon vegetables but it does contain pork fat and chicken liver flavoring, so as to have the taste appeal your dog needs. It also contains B vitamins and vitamin D, which are great immune system supports and can also ease your mind about food allergies.

Hill’s also states no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are used in this recipe. Customers were very happy with this product, not only in regards to the stomach issues, but this formula also creates a beautiful sheen in the coat.

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2. Taste of the Wild Venison Recipe Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is another great alternative when choosing a food for your sensitive dog.

Venison is a highly digestible protein and dogs love the wild flavor. This dog food also contains probiotics, which adds another layer of protection for digestive health and is completely grain free.

This is one of the highest rated foods on Amazon right now, as over 8,000 customers have come back to leave their positive feedback.

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3. Nutro Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials

For puppies with sensitive stomach issues, or if you just want to start off with something that has a proven track record for digestive health, may be a food you’ll want to check into.

With whole grain brown rice and oatmeal, it is said to help absorption of nutrients and aid in digestion.

This product contains no corn or corn gluten, wheat, or soy protein so it is a great choice for those that want to limit fillers and possible allergens.

This brand has an extensive line worth checking into as your puppy grows, including dry and canned foods and other formulas relating to other health issues as well.

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4. Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal Formula

This is a canned wet dog food that is USA made and has “no by-products, dairy, corn, soy, wheat, eggs, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.”

It only has one protein with carbs that are easily digestible. For the well informed customer who is trying to weed out possible sensitivity causes, this is a good start, as the limited list of ingredients is easier to document and keep track of.

In addition, it has a flavor that is sure to please your finicky pet as well.

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5. Iams Sensitive Naturals

Sensitive Naturals specifically formulated with the sensitive stomach in mind. All the ingredients are highly digestible and fish is the first ingredient listed.

As with other sensitive formulas, there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and it also contains antioxidants for optimum immune health.

It contains no grain or by-product meal, which is a plus for a great many pet owners these days.

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6. Purina Pro Plan Focus

This sensitive skin and stomach dry dog food formula blended especially for adult dogs.

Since Purina is a household name, with the trust many put in that name, this would be a good starting point for those who might not want to try something entirely new.

This is an easily digestible formula with salmon, rice and oatmeal. This particular product also comes in a canned wet food with the very same formula.

Some reviewers said they had tried the higher priced formulas and wound up coming back to Purina because it worked better for their dogs.

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7. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

This formula contains a premium ingredient blend that boasts only one protein source – turkey – along with an array of other natural, easily digested ingredients.

Blue is a manufacturer that takes pride in offering what they consider to be the best available ingredients on the market, while still packing it with vitamins and minerals specifically designed for health and well-being.

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So, having looked over a few different dog food formulas, we hope to have given some clarity to your search for the perfect solution to your dog’s sensitive stomach needs.

Be sure to read reviews, ask around and consult your vet in regards to what your choice should be for your given situation.

What works like a charm for your neighbor, or even your last dog, may not work well for you now, so it’s worth going the extra mile.

Do you have a favorite food that fits this category but isn’t listed?

Be sure to tell us about it! We love to hear from you.

High Quality Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Hill's Science Diet Formula for Adult Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs
Taste of the Wild Venison Recipe Dry Dog Food
Nutro Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials
Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal Formula
Iams Sensitive Naturals
Purina Pro Plan Focus
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

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