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Human Medicine for Dogs?

Can dogs have human medications?
Consult your Veterinarian!
When it comes to medicating your dog, you need to consult your vet first.

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If you think that by reading an article on a website you’ll become well-versed in the field of animal medicine, think again.

Would you inject a medication made specifically for dogs into your body? So why do you think it could work the other way around?

Again, dogs can technically tolerate some human medications, but in order to understand the full effects or how much to give your dog, you have to talk to your vet.

Dogs can have things like Xanax, aspirin, and supplements, but often there is a dog-specific medication that will achieve the same result you’re looking for.

People have given their dogs occasional antacids like Tums to help relieve an upset stomach, but again, you need to be extremely careful.

Human Medicine Safe for Dogs

  • Can dogs eat tums? Yes, but try natural remedies first.

    Can Dogs Have Tums?

    Dogs can eat Tums, but in moderation and after all other solutions are exhausted (waiting patiently, pureed pumpkin, etc.).

    Dogs have short digestive systems, so their problems work out faster than human problems normally would.

    While Tums are not toxic to your dog, there are better solutions to help your dog if they’re suffering from gastric upset.

    Try pureed pumpkin before you try Tums.

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