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You’re committed now, but you’re still confused about how to do raw.

Some gurus say all meat all the time, while others recommend a hearty serving of fruits and vegetables for roughage. Both seem pretty sure of themselves, and both have great arguments as to why it’s their way or the highway.

I’m not here to play referee between the two sides to declare a winner.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal beliefs and what diet your dog responds best to.

This chapter, we’ll discuss the Prey Model.

First, a key difference between the Prey Model and the B.A.R.F model is the complete exclusion of any plant-based material whatsoever.

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Although you may enjoy your green smoothie in the morning, according to the Prey Model, the only thing that has a place in your dog’s diet is animal-based foods.

Prey Model followers are pretty specific about what they consider to be an appropriate meal for your dog based on what a wolf would consume if he brought down and consumed prey.

Basically, your dog’s meal should be:

5 -
% organs
10 -
% edible bones
80 -
% muscle meat

In addition, it’s important to feed your dog more than just chicken all day every day.

Variety is key according to the Prey Model because your dog wouldn’t have limited himself in the wild when he was chasing down a grouse or catching a fish.

Many of these exotic protein sources you would never have considered eating yourself such as elk, deer, rabbit, quail, or bison, but they all offer a complex array of nutrients for your dog.

Note: It’s important to not solely focus on feeding your dog muscle meats.

In North America, we’ve gotten into the bad habit of throwing away the most nutrient-dense portions of the animal, which are the organ meats! Liver is a superfood if you can believe it.

If your dog is getting a mix of liver, kidneys, pancreas, and lungs, then you’ll be ensuring your dog is consuming a well-balanced diet.

Another unique feature of the Prey Model that differs from B.A.R.F is the focus on feeding whole foods as close to their natural state as possible.

Unfortunately, this means no patties or pureed meat meals for your hungry pup. According to Prey Model gurus, feeding whole bones and unprocessed raw meats to your dog has a beneficial impact on your dog’s dental health.

Is your dog’s breath so bad it wards away young children?

Have you literally tried every doggie breath mint on the market with no success?

Your dog’s foul breath is due to lack of friction and all those fermentable carbohydrates sitting around in his gums. But the gnawing, crunching, and tearing on bones and meat is an excellent tool to keep those canines clean.

By feeding your dog pureed and pre-chewed food, you’re not giving their chompers the workout they deserve. And in case your dentist has never told you, but a healthy mouth equals a healthy body!

Finally, Prey Model advocates eschew all forms of supplements.

They believe that an animal-based diet will provide everything your pet needs. It is complete as it is, and supplements are unnecessary. The only exception to this rule is if owners don’t have access to wild fish, and will then supplement with an omega-3 oil.

Raw dog food prey model icon

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