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Wet Dog Food

Wet, or "canned" dog food often gets a bad rep among dog owners, and to be honest, I’m not sure why.


The benefits of feeding your dog wet food are numerous as compared to feeding your dog dry kibble.


Wet food often contains more protein and less carbs than kibble, and oftentimes the meat within the cans are closer to the source. In other words, meat can remain juicy and meaty if placed in a can, but it has to be dried, pulverized and extensively preserved in a kibble.


Also, sometimes kibble is too hard for senior dogs or dogs with dental problems to eat. In that case, wet dog foods are a savior.


They contain just as many nutrients as kibble and sometimes far outdo their dry, dusty counterparts.


The tricky thing about canned food is making sure you don’t inadvertently expose your pup to harmful bacteria. After you open the can and put it in their bowl, you can’t leave it hanging around for too long. It’s agreed that you can leave it out for two to three hours, tops.


After that, it starts looking like a house party for some truly nasty bacteria. Before you know it, you’ll have a full-blown bacteria-led kegger on your hands.


In all seriousness, your dog can get sick from spoiled food.


It’s just plain common sense (we hope). So use your brain for more than liking Facebook posts and throw out any food your dog doesn’t finish in the right amount of time. After you’ve opened a can, put it in the fridge but don’t let it hang around for more than a couple days in there either.


Because nothing is worth risking your dog’s health over.

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